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Don't waste your time doing the wrong kind of link building ...

Link building campaign tips that really work

The next step in your search engine optimization campaign – after you’ve taken the initial preparations to optimize your web site and make it more search engine friendly – is to initiate your link building campaign.

Link building, just like the other aspects of search engine optimization, is not a straightforward affair. You will have to sift through all of the supposed effective methods to build links in order to discover which ones truly work and which ones will result in you getting penalized by search engine. Fortunately, the work done by other web site owners have made it somewhat easier for new owners to find out which link building campaign ideas and strategies would actually work:

Don’t do business in questionable sites. Don’t try to put your links in places that have reputations that are highly suspect. Web sites that are known to spam people and those that are known for stuffing links should be avoided at all costs. Only do business in sites that have a good reputation and also offer highly credible links.

Go for quality over quantity. The common belief when starting a link building campaign is to pepper the internet with your links. The more links that you propagate, the better for your web site, which unfortunately, is not really true. Building links requires that you look for opportunities that will allow you to put links in a credible manner and one that won’t be seen as spam. Go for quality links in quality sites, because it will be more effective in the long run. Don’t waste your time and effort putting your links in  web sites that are not within your target audience and is not even getting the hits.

Business directories are your friend. Putting a listing on your business in reputable business directories is a sure way to attract traffic to your web site. The inbound links to your web site will surely get your targeted traffic because the people who go to business directories are looking for something specific and once they find leads, they actually go and click on the links with business in mind. Be warned though that not many business directories are free. A lot of them will require that you pay a listing fee in order to put your link and not all of them may be worth the money you spend. Try to limit your business to reputable directories. Research on the internet and look for feedback and reviews on directories that are worth checking out, for example, Google Local Business Center, Alexa, Better Business Bureau, and DMOZ.

Blogging is a huge help. By keeping an updated blog packed with new information on your web site, your product or your service is a great way to build a reputation for your web site. Showing that you are an authority in your sector will help build your reputation and authenticity as a business. The links it provides will also help generate traffic and further build your reputation as an authority.

Vic Carrara

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