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Video promotion. Improve your video marketing with this viral video marketing software. Video promotion the easy way. Automatically submit your videos to countless video websites. This video SEO tool takes the hassle out of submitting your video to video websites

Video Promotion and Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Internet marketers are now using online video marketing as a vital part of their traffic building and website domination strategies.

With YouTube© being one of the top three traffic sources on the internet, and other video sharing sites gaining in importance and popularity, video marketing has never been so important.

With several easy to use video creation software packages now available (articles in to videos is one!), creating videos has never been easier.

Videos are great for viral marketing, and boosting interest in your products and services. People who don't respond so well to text and long winded sales copy, love online videos as they get the information they want faster. Online videos are also perfect to show more in depth information that would get lost in the written word.

Viral MarketingVideos also make website visitors stay on your web page longer, dramatically reducing bounce rate - an important part of many search engine ranking algorithms.

The problem is, in order to get even a few videos online, to the hundreds of video websites, your options are limited. You can do it yourself, if you have the hours every week to keep submitting by hand, or you can pay someone to do it for you - if you can afford it, and find someone trustworthy. Both these options mean you have to repeat the process whenever to launch a new video, so your costs keep building up and up.

So what if you could promote all your online videos, submitting them to all the video sharing websites, easily, fast, and forever - for a one-time cost. Instead of spending your time and money promoting, you can invest your time creating more and more videos to build your website traffic, conversions and sales.

VideoBot was created so that you can more easily control your video marketing efforts, increasing your productivity (sales & sign-ups) across the board. No more outsourcing to unreliable freelancers, or late nights trying to get everything done.

VideoBot installs on your Windows Desktop, and helps you to automatically creates accounts on most video sharing websites, as well as submitting your videos to those accounts. Once set-up, you click a couple of buttons to submit your next video.

Buying, downloading and installing this video marketing software:

The easy way to promote your website with videos

Your videos can also have unique titles and descriptions created automatically. VideoBot has an in-built basic text spinner which will spin your text so that every video has a unique title and description - and then submit your videos to the account profile you've already put together.

Running your video marketing software:

You can even set up your own mini-business and offer your own video marketing service. The software produces comprehensive submission reports which you can send to any clients you may have, in either PDF or Excel formats.

Okay, there is a small learning curve. But with the comprehensive manual guiding you through this professional made and software, most people get the hang of it fast.

Automated Multiple Video Submissions for a One-Off $
With Free Updates for Life

VideoBot Video Marketing Software will:



All upgrades are free for life. This software is regularly checked and evaluated, with upgrades produced as necessary so that you always own an effective product.


Support is available directly from the guys who put this software together, the actual programmers. This way you'll always get the most effective answer.

Support is always available Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (GMT +2 time zone), excluding public holidays which may fall on a weekday. Support is provided fairly on a first come, first served basis to insure everyone gets dealt with promptly and fairly. You will receive the programmers contact details in the help files you get when you buy the software.

Computer System Requirements

VideoBot is a professionally produced Windows Utility Program, which is guaranteed to work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 platforms. The software comes with an installer and extensive help file. Installation is straightforward and takes about a minute.


Supercharged Online Video Marketing
Made Affordable

Similar tools are available on the internet, either only to "those in the know" in private memberships, or at vastly inflated prices. The price for VideoBot has been set at a price everyone can afford, just $ - and remember that includes free lifetime updates!

Multiple automatic video submission
to video sharing websites the world over - ONLY $

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Meanwhile here is an alternative:

Video Submitter Software

Video Submitter Software

Don't miss out on joining one of the three top traffic sources in the world. Video marketing has never been easier!


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