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Tag Cloud Generator Script: Create Tag Clouds for any website. Choose which pages to tag, and even "cheat" the results to promote the pages you want.

Tag Cloud Generator ScriptTag Cloud Generator Software ...

You've seen Tag Clouds on loads of websites (just look to the bottom of this page for ours!).

They're great for showing what's popular with visitors, providing easy links to pages.

They can also add more "points" to your SEO efforts, adding more keywords for the search engines to pick up.

So what we've done for you is to create a simply to install script, so you can add Tag Clouds easily to your site.

Benefits of adding a Tag Cloud to your site:

•   Instant way for your website visitors to see what your site is about.
•   Another internal linking strategy for visitors and search engines to use.
•   Direct and focus visitors to popular (or not - remember you can set the tags yourself) pages on your site.
•   Modern up to date look, also adding professional element to your pages.

How this Tag Cloud Generator works ...

Tag Cloud Creator couldn't be easier.

1. Install the script. (You need to create a database and add those details to the config.php file, and upload).

2. Add a simple php include to the pages that you want "tagged" (This counts the number of hits that page receives and automatically increases the tag size in the cloud).

3. Add a simple php include to the page/pages where you want the tag cloud to appear.

4. Login to the admin panel, and if you wish increase the size of any tag, alter the number of hits. So if you want to promote a specific page, or prompt visitors to go to a specific page, simply alter the hit count.

Script Requirements:

This is a php script. If your site uses php pages, simply add the code you'll be given in the installation guide.

If your site uses html/htm pages, you simply have to add some code to your .htaccess page, details in installation guide.

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Tag Cloud Creator
Tag Cloud Generator Script
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